1。Ceremonial Cats Ii ( Cat No 4 ), Nenad Jalsovec (3D)
泡泡的反光很夢幻~ (貓說了井?)

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Title: Ceremonial Cats Ii ( Cat No 4 )
Name: Nenad Jalsovec
Country: Croatia (克羅埃西亞共和國)
Software: Illustrator, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This is a piece from my "Ceremonial cats" image series featuring very fat, passive, spotty "cats" in various near-sur-real environments. The whole series was in fact an excersize in minimalistic character design and is based on my earlier 2d illustration work.

On communication level I tried to employ a number of subtle comical elements and sarcastic pop culture references ( some of them recognizable only on original 4k print size - for instance a newspaper clip on the wall in this image contains lyrics

from Porthishead song "Cowboys" - which I think is pretty funny in this context )

The image won expose 3 master award in humorous 3d category. 

2。Valentine's Day Piglet, Igor Kudryavtsev (3D)
情人節小豬XD 好可愛(心) 花上獻花~ 是作者送女朋友的卡片:)

Title: Valentine's Day Piglet
Name: Igor Kudryavtsev
Country: Russia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

It's a valentine's card that I sent to my girlfriend not so long ago :)
I used IBL with HDR image and FG only for illumination.
Daisywheel is a photograph of course...

3。Workshop, Raphael Lacoste / Ubisoft (3D)

Title: Workshop
Name: Raphael Lacoste / Ubisoft
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

hi there,

this is a Matte Painting / Concept Art I did for Art Direction on "Prince of Persia The two thrones" HR Cinematics. this was used for lighting, mattepainting and effects reference of one of our sequence,

Happy new year ! 

4。Character - Inaë, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)
臉上的斑紋都有呢~ 頸環的材質很美~

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Title: Character - Inaë
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max

Here is waht I did as I was waiting for the contest results ;).
At the beginning It was just a face made to test 3dsmax SSS but I finally chose to complete it and tryed to make a beautiful face.
I've used 3dsmax and a slight color balance. Hairs are polys hairs and the scene is lit by 1 area light plus 1 blue back light.
I've used mental ray render with final gather. Hop you'll like it. 

5。My M&s Entry, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)

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Title: My M&s Entry
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max

This is my Master and Servant picture, I tried to make something slightly different and original. I don't even know if I've reached this goal, but It was really fun to achieve.
Thanks for your help during this challenge CGTalkers.

The story:
" She's an orphan, living alone in her cold and gloomy manor, served by little teddy bears.
She loves "playing" with them, torturing them.
Today, she's quite annoyed and upset: her favourite bear doesn't want to play any more..."
她喜愛和他們一起"玩", 拷打他們。
今天, 她相當惱怒和心煩意亂,因為她喜愛的熊不想再玩了... "

嚇死人的大張請點 http://re1v.free.fr/imgup/CGChallengeFinalS.jpg


6。A Fairy World, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)
不過小惡魔很可愛! 精靈的翅膀好多層~

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Title: A Fairy World
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Here is a picture I'v made for a french contest.
The subject was "A fairy world".
My inspirations for the adult fairy (right character): diurnal butterfly, with princess clothing, lace... My aim was to make her beautiful and elegant.
For the little fairy: she's a mic of night butterfly, firefly and coleopter. I wanted to make her a little original, cute and with and amazed by the spell cast by the other fairy ( butterflies inside bubbles ).

I used the following softwares to complete this picture:3DS MAX 5.1
And Paint Shop Pro / Photoshop for textures and final compositing.

Hope you'll like it.

7。Dawn Of Balance, Toni Bratincevic (3D)
陰陽生太極, 太極生兩儀...

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Title: Dawn Of Balance
Name: Toni Bratincevic
Country: Croatia (克羅埃西亞)
Software: finalRender, Maya, Photoshop

The blue - which arises from overexposed light and fades away represents the life itself ... the cruel and cold story of it ... the way it is. The light around the corner is the begining, the creation, but ... the main part of the image is the human whose memories of that past times are very different from what they truly were in real life. The memories are warm ... they burn in his mind ... they are the main mechanism which gives meaning to his life. And everytime he finds himself loosing faith in that cold and cruel world, he comes to the fireplace, a source of his existance, takes one of the warm events from the past, and rises a memory of it ...

The image is made as a beta testing for the new render for Maya, the finalRender. It was rendered in passes and composed in

Fusion where it was postprocessed. 

8。Pu Yi, Alberto Blasi (3D)

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Title: Pu Yi
Name: Alberto Blasi
Country: Italy
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D

I got inspired by a photo made by the National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry in Rangoon, Burma (1994) and by the main character of a movie, Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Emperor, which is about the last chinese emperor Aisin Gioro Pu Yi, so i decided to give my character the same name. Of course this doesn't want to be a copy of anything real at all, that's all i look for when i make 3D characters: creating life through the digital medium.
The modeling has been made in CINEMA 4D R9, same about the rendering. All the textures (except the background photo that comes from a frame of the Last Emperor dvd) are 100% hand painted with BODYPAINT 3D R2, 3k square resolution, the fur is Shave&Haircut. I also used the Translucent plugin and the Chanlum plugin in the luminance channel, the first for a good SSS look and the second combined with a fresnel shader for a tad peach fuzz on the edges. I also added some colour correction in post and then 3 different blurred passes of film grain, to achieve the same look of the movie.
What i was after is a serious strong look, in strong contrast with the tender age of the kid. I hope you like it.
Alberto "ThirdEye" Blasi. 

9。Dreams Of Mars, Jon Bennett (3D)

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Title: Dreams Of Mars
Name: Jon Bennett
Country: USA
Software: ZBrush

half inspired by the old carson of mars/savage sword books and comics
the image is complete, im not adding color to it,i like the old pen and ink style rendering.
all zbrush no postwork.

comments and critique welcome. 

10。Bi - Sang, Seung Ji Baek (3D)

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Title: Bi - Sang
Name: Seung Ji Baek
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

visual re-analysis about the life and creation.
i want to show my imagination by artistic presentation.

thank to cgtalk
for opportunity to introduce my work.

11。My Methods Of Treatment, Grigoriy Kolyadin (3D)
斷頭後, (用水桶裝血?),再拖出去XD

Image <br /><br />hosted by Photobucket.com

Title: My Methods Of Treatment
Name: Grigoriy Kolyadin
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max

The work is created in 3ds max5, vray, photoshop.
"They laughed it is necessary by me, spoke - look at itself with what of you
The dentist! At you the hands grow from a...
But when I began them to treat
by the method they spoke absolutely another..."

12。Healer_elf, Seok Chan-yoo (3D)

Image hosted by <br /><br />Photobucket.com

Image hosted by <br /><br />Photobucket.com

Title: Healer_elf
Name: Seok Chan-yoo
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya

name:Seok chan-yoo
Hofe referecce highresoulusion image&modelwire,texture under my ripple.

13。Etaine, Eunhee Choi (3D)

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Title: Etaine
Name: Eunhee Choi
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

She's name is Etaine.
She is a goddess of darkness.
The picture is a PR poster of the korean online game.

作者網頁http://www.kjun.org (作品很多~)

14。City, Laurent Ménabé (3D)

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Title: City
Name: Laurent Ménabé
Country: France
Software: Maya, mental ray

Hello this is my last render.
I'm trying to evoke the difference between poor and rich, old and modern in the same city.
Coments are welcome. Thanks!

15。3 D Matte Painting_ Sunset On Babylon, Raphael Lacoste _ Ubisoft (3D)2

Image <br /><br />hosted by Photobucket.com

Title: 3 D Matte Painting: Sunset On Babylon
Name: Raphael Lacoste / Ubisoft
Country: Canada

Hi all,
Here is a 3D matte Painting I did for "Prince of Persia Warrior Within" High Rez Cinematic opening Shot. I was Art director for the cinematics on this short prodution and did a few BGs to setup the mood of the HR look, hope you'll like it! 

16。The Tree Roosts Human's Tribe, Weiweihua (3D)

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Title: The Tree Roosts Human's Tribe
Name: Weiweihua
Country: China
Software: 3ds max

This is in my story scene, this is a tribe which is composed by the giant trees. Lives in inside is the tree roosts the human. They are an ancient race, they are secluded from the world.
i use max6 .vray.
hope your like

作者的網頁http://www.weiweihua.com (我開啟是有點小慢...)
作者的作品集, 很棒,推薦參觀 http://www.3dvf.com/modules/galerie/artiste/2787.html  

17。Louvre1622-by-night, Tchook (3D)

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Title: Louvre1622-by-night
Name: Tchook
Country: France
Software: Arnold, Maya, Photoshop

This is another render of le louvre in 1622 but from a top view and with a weird early morning light
The historical background is as fake as possible since i had no document showingthis area.
hope you enjoy it 

18。Louvre 1622, Tchook (3D)

Image hosted by <br /><br />Photobucket.com

Title: Louvre 1622
Name: Tchook
Country: France
Software: Arnold, Maya, Photoshop

Hi guys long time no seethis is le louvre in 1622 based on T.G.H hoffbauer's work and some painting in le "musee carnavalet" (jean baptiste Raguenet, Reinier Nooms etc...)
I began with basic shapes (cubes/ cylinder) to find a good framing, then came a lot of extrude work, then uvs.the final work is done with photoshop

hope you enjoy it  

19。Sunrise In Venice, Carlos Serrano (3D)

Image hosted by <br /><br />Photobucket.com

Title: Sunrise In Venice
Name: Carlos Serrano
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max

Render inspired in Venice (Italy). Made with 3dstudio max 6 + vray + photoshop 7.
I hope you like. Please, comments and critics are wellcome.

20。Alienware Winner, Jari Saarinen (3D)

Image hosted by <br /><br />Photobucket.com

Title: Alienware Winner
Name: Jari Saarinen

This image was entered for the Alienware Challenge. You can see the full entry here.


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